Image via Flickr by Randy Heinitz

Image via Flickr by Randy Heinitz

When you’re on a motorcycle, chances are you’re looking for a memorable ride that offers stunning views, thrilling twists and turns, and open stretches that liven up each journey. Want to tackle some of the best motorcycle roads in America? Start with these iconic routes.

1. Route 66

Would anything else have made Number 1? Route 66 is the iconic “Mother Road” stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. Crossing eight states and three time zones, it’s been dubbed the “Mainstreet of America” for good reason. In its glory days during the 1950s, travelers took to Route 66 to experience the Western frontier firsthand, which resulted in classic mom-and-pop diners, gas stations, motels, and slices of Americana popping up along the way. You can even find tour groups that tackle the route together, offering a two-week-long experience you won’t find anywhere else. continue reading…

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous without the right gear. Protective clothing, headwear and bike accessories are designed to keep the rider safe, even in the unfortunate case of an accident. You may look forward to tricking out your ride and picking out motorcycle clothing, but the first items on your list should include protective gear.

Head Gear


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By far the most important accessory for any biker, the helmet is a must-have for any expert or beginner. According to the CDC, 79 percent of riders fatally injured on a motorcycle in states without helmet laws were not wearing one. Some helmet visors, like the Bell TintAdjust Photochromatic Faceshield, will automatically adjust from tinted to clear based on the amount of light you are facing, protecting your eyes during the day and adjusting in cloudy weather or during nighttime rides. continue reading…

Austin is a rapidly growing metropolis, but it maintains parks and wildlife preserves that keep people close to nature. Those preserved areas make it possible for Austin residents to enjoy several impressive hiking trails in and near the city.

If you want to take a stroll in Austin, consider exploring one of these four hiking trails.

Riverplace Nature Trail at Tom Hughes Park

Tom Hughes Park

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Most people already know about SXSW (South by Southwest), a music festival held in Austin, TX featuring more than 100 stages; but what about the other music festivals in Austin that take place throughout the year? If you can’t get to Austin in March for SXSW, consider visiting some of these other festivals held throughout the year.

#1: Austin City Limits in October


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Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling way to get around, but can be dangerous without the right protection. We’ve all heard statistics about accidents and injuries, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. Instead, invest in some high-quality safety gear and make sure it fits properly. This can offer a lot of protection when you are on the open road.

Legal Helmet Requirements


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Do you always have your nose in a book? Well, there are lots of great places in Austin to find something to read, whether you like romance novels, sci-fi books, mysteries, or stories self-published by locals. Take a look at these five new and used book stores in Austin.

Book People

Located in Old West Austin, Book People is one of Texas’ leading independent bookstores. It has been open since 1970 and has received awards for the best bookstore in Austin, and Bookstore of the Year in 2005 by Publisher’s Weekly. Many celebrities have been spotted here, including Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

At Book People you can join a book club, find signed copies of books, get a massage while you read, eat at the café, or look through the consignment program to find local aspiring authors who have self-published a book. continue reading…

Sharing the thrill of a ride with a motorcycle passenger is one of life’s greatest joys. Before you pat your seat and invite a pal to hop on, however, make sure you’re seasoned in motorcycle safety. Sharing your bike with a companion is much different from solo riding, and definitely isn’t for beginners.


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Motorcycle manufacturers started out the 2014 release year strong with some new twists on the classics. Keep your eyes open for these four new cruisers from some of the most popular manufacturers. Each one has something unique to offer that will set you apart from the other riders you meet on the road.

1. Indian Chief Classic

Indian Motorcycles revives its iconic look for 2014 with three new bikes that draw inspiration from models first designed by the company over 100 years ago. The new lineup includes the Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, and Chieftain. The Chief Classic will satisfy the performance, nostalgia, and price craved by most motorcycle enthusiasts. continue reading…

Motorcycles start out with a safety disadvantage out on the road because of their size and their ability to change speeds so rapidly. For drivers, these factors make them more difficult to see and to accurately judge distances from. These little rockets are particularly difficult to properly see on the road when they are of a darker color. Being seen on the road, even for a fraction of a second, can literally mean the difference between life and death for motorcyclists. Therefore, color is an important safety issue to consider when selecting a motorcycle.

Color Studies

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Shopping for an affordable motorcycle is easier than ever, with top manufacturers creating lines that can fit in anyone’s budget. If you are looking to add a high-quality bike to your garage, but don’t want to break the bank, here are some of the best options.

Honda CRF250L


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